Civil engineering company Graziano Conflitti

The Conflitti civil engineering company works in the public and private constructions sectors, dealing particularly of architectural and structural planning, works direction, and final testing.  The pluriannual experience permits to study, verify and propose each phase of design with professionalism and safety.

The company is qualified for predispose and actualize feasibility study, preliminary, final and executive planning, safety coordination in the design and during execution of works, works direction, energy certification, technical and economics analysis and work estimates.

But the principal point of power is the structural calculation, in which the engineer is qualified and continuously updated on the base of the new Italian and European seismic regulations. The ability to perform seismic analysis, at new constructions or on evaluation of existing buildings, allows to find best technical and economical strategies and solutions for realizing earthquake-resistant buildings or retrofitting of existing buildings.

Points of particular efficiency:

-  Ability to treat structures with different construction systems and materials such as steel, solid or laminated wood, reinforced or prestressed concrete, etc..
-   Customization and optimization of interventions on the base of the needs of client;
-   Ability to propose diversified engineering solutions with the best quality / price ratio
-   Technical design and calculation using continuously updated software





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